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Bury Sub Aqua Club


The Bury St Edmund’s Sub Aqua Club is a small friendly club set up by a handful of keen divers in 1985, of which a couple of these still dive with the club today.



Bury St Edmunds Sub Aqua Club's main aim is to provide facilities, opportunities and an environment that encourages people to go diving safely.   We are equipped with our own  scuba equipment, compressors and a dive programme that has something for everyone, all of which allows divers the opportunity to develop their skills and experience.   

We are also keen to offer the opportunity for people to learn to dive, or just try the experience for the first time – A ‘Try Dive’ can be arranged for anyone interested in ‘taking the plunge’.

We are a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), the largest dive club in the world and the governing body for British recreational scuba diving.   BSAC training is internationally recognised all over the globe. Whilst it is not obligatory to join BSAC but most members do as the benefits are convenient and inexpensive.

BSAC membership includes third party insurance which is a requirement for diving and training with the club.   For more information about the British Sub-Aqua club visit www.bsac.com.

We are not a commercial organisation – simply a group of divers from all backgrounds who share a passion for scuba diving.   We run on a non-profit basis, no one gets paid and we are dependent on the volunteer efforts and good will of our membership. 

Please browse through the sections of our web site to see what we have been doing, what we have planned and how we may help you to go diving



ABOUT ME:  Dive Officer

Paul Palmer

Tel: 07756595324

email: paul6909@outlook.com


Ian Jones

ABOUT ME:  Chairperson

Tel: 07831679659

email: ianjones1441@btinternet.com


ABOUT ME:  Treasurer

Dave Coulton

Tel: 07803046840

email: dmcoulten@hotmail.com


ABOUT ME:  Secretary

Richard Haw

Tel: 07889352054

email: richardahaw@gmail.com

We now meet every Tuesday evening from 8pm - 9pm

at Abbeycroft leisure centre, Beetons Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3TT.

With exclusive use of the deep pool.